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An educational resource for locating and navigating web-based content that supports educational endeavours. These resources may include links to web pages and files with information provided for a specific educational exercise, links to external web sites, illustrations of concepts including animations, means for accessing software, communication tools, and other electronic resources employed in teaching and learning for Undergraduate and Post-graduate dental students.

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    Available courses

    Administration department  for FJDC

    Orthodontics Final Year BDS 2021

    Operative Dentistry for Final Year Students 2021

    Prosthodontics for Final Year BDS - 2021

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for Final Year BDS 2021

    General Surgery for Third Year BDS 2021

    Periodontics for third year BDS 2021

    Oral Medicine for Third Year BDS 2021

    General Medicine for Third Year BDS 2021

    Oral Patholoy for Third Year BDS Students

    Pharmacology for Second Year BDS

    Pathology for Second Year BDS

    Community Dentistry for Second Year BDS

    Dental Materials for Second Year BDS 

    Biochemistry for First Year BDS

    Physiology for First Year BDS

    Oral Biology for First Year BDS

    Anatomical Sciences for First Year BDS